KASTEL believes it is necessary to bring theoretical research and practical implementations closer together. The abstracted viewpoint of fundamental research is generally not congruent with practical requirements. Neither can results be transferred seamlessly within academic research. To close this gap, scientists from KASTEL are working on reconciling the results of different disciplines. The integration in real scenarios serves as a motivation and guarantees practical relevance. 

The work in KASTEL was founded on existing prototypes. These prototypes were analyzed and improved in terms of their security. Changing requirements and technical advances raise the questions of which properties these systems need to have in the future, and how they can be achieved.
The Smart Home is a building block for the intelligent infrastructures of tomorrow. The prototype of security in publicly accessible places shows how privacy-preserving video surveillance can be achieved. Cloud computing, today widely used as a convenient technological building block, overlaps many topics. KASTEL aims at integrating various disciplines with the joint goal of developing secure applications.