Development and Analysis of Secure IT Systems

Due to its interdisciplinary profile, KASTEL strongly focuses on the integration of different sub-fields of computer science as well as adjacent fields of research such as law. In the course of collaborative work, the need for distinct requirements specifications at the boundaries of the particular sub-fields of computer science emerged. This observation led to the development of a framework for integrating sub-field specific approaches. The KASTEL framework allows for integrating assumptions, implications, and guaranties in interdisciplinary collaborations. The prominent role of legal considerations is a key attribute of the KASTEL framework, taking account of the fact that a system can only be claimed to be secure if it complies with applicable law (legal certainty) and is deployed in a socially acceptable fashion (social acceptability).

Fundamental Research Questions in KASTEL

In the research areas Modeling Secure Systems and Security Guarantees, Developing Secure Component-Based Software and Proving Comprehensive System Security, KASTEL gives answers to the questions
  • What does security mean for a given complex system?
  • How can secure systems be designed systematically?
  • How can holistic security be proven?
An important aspect of the research done in KASTEL is the transfer of competence:
  • How can competence in IT security be transfered?