Transfer of Competence


KASTEL connects the competence of many scientists, industrial agents and students of many disciplines, which creates a centre with a broad spectrum of expertise. This poses the challenge of combineing the knowledge of all participants from the different fields. Furthermore, the longrunning nature of the project sometimes makes it impossible to directly convey the required knowledge from one participant to his successors. Nevertheless, the knowledge of former colleagues and scientists should not be lost while new colleagues should find easy access to their new work. For these reasons, a platform to exchange and archive the accumulated knowledge has been established in the KASTEL project.

This software platform will reflect the entirety of KASTEL. However, it is not supposed to be a system meant to evaluate the collected data, but to promote the exchange of knowledge and provide "knowledge about knowledge". In opposition to a pure knowledge database, KASTEL connects its participants among each another. For this, every colleague, scientist or student and his competences are connected with the whole knowledge related to his field, making it possible to easily determine a person suitable for a highly specific task or problem. In addition to that, the system also holds an up-to-date image of the whole project.

The transfer of competence is a task across all fields included in KASTEL and has its roots in many subprojects:

  • The introduction of new colleagues and scientists to the concept of qualification, but also the use of the platform in the teaching, espacially across disciplines. This enhances the KIT's strength of conveying a braod knowledge to the students in the field of security and cryptography.
  • The supportive project "Helpdesk" shall be an interface for advice and knowledge. The KASTEL-platform will be the basic source of information for Helpdesk.
  • The KASTEL job market aims to boost a synergy between university and industry. KASTEL trains highly qualified security specialists and the participating companys have a need for these experts. The connections between discipines in the KASTEL platform also enhances the participants flexibility inside of KASTEL.
  • In opposition to research-to-industry-publications, KASTEL shows the correlation between developments, which makes it easy for companies to determine, which of KASTEL's reseach results might be of use to them without having to look through every result. Therefore the KASTEL platform also enhances the transfer of technologie.